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A view of the NSW Bolwell Club's Parade Lap at the 2017 Shannon's Sydney Classic at Sydney's Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek.
Duration: 0.31
This is a video of the NSW Bolwell Car Club display for the 2018 Shannons Sydney Classic held at Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek, on the 12 August
Duration: 4.24
Classic Aussie Sports Cars
Duration: 0.58
Duration: 1.03
This is some of the raw footage taken by the local TV station of the display of Bolwells held in Wagga for the Easter 2007 National meeting of the Bolwell Car Club. On display were some Bolwell Mark 7's, Nagari's and an Ikara. Also present was a Robnell Cobra.?
Duration: 8.23
In 2018 the Bolwell Car Club held its National Easter meeting at Beaudesert, the first time the event has been held in Queensland. This video is a walk around of the cars on display as part of the weekends events. You will see, in order... Ikara, Nagari Sports, Nagari, Mark 7, Mark 7, Nagari, Mark 7 Convertible, Nagari, Mark 7, Mark 7, Nagari, Mark 7, Nagari, Nagari, Nagari Sports, Nagari...then we view around the back of these cars. We then move to the otherside of the car park and see...Mark 7, Nagari Sports, Nagari, Mark 7, Mark 7 (voted best car), GT40. There was also a Green Mark 7 and a Byfield from Western Australia there.
Duration: 7.23
The footage is taken at The 2009 Bolwell Easter meeting, held in Tandunda SA. The display was held at the National Motor Museum in Birdwood. The drive was from Tanunda through to Kapunda and return. You will see some Bolwell Nagari's, Mark 7, Mark 5, Mark 4 and a Ragno.
Duration: 10.35
2019 Bolwell Phillip Island Sunday parade lap participants.
Duration: 4.24
This video captures a presentation of Bolwell Nagari cars and their proud owners as they visited the TUMUT Region over the Easter weekend 2014.?
Duration: 13
A quick walk around the Bolwells at the 2019 Shannon's Sydney Classic. 2019 represents the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the Bolwell Nagari. The front row of this video are examples of Coupes and Convertibles, with two Bolwell Mark 7's behind.
Duration: 1.46
A quick walk around some of the cars on display.You will see, in order, an orange Nagari, a blue Mark 4, a red Nagari, a white Mark 7, a yellow Mark 7, a silver Nagari convertible, a red Mark 7 convertible, a red Mark 7 (with Nagari doors) and another red Mark 7. Also on display was a green Nagari in the concourse section of the display.
Duration: 2.28
This is a walk around the NSW Bolwell Clubs dispaly at Sydney Motor Sport Park on the 18 August 2013. You will see in order, a Nagari, Nagari Convertible, Mark 7 Convertible, Lotus Elan, Cortina GT Mark 1, Nagari Convertible, Buchanan, Nagari, Mark 4, Nagari, De Tomaso Pantera, De Tomaso Pantera GT, Mark 4, Mark 7, Mark 7 (unique...with Nagari doors), Mark 7 Convertible.
Duration: 4.41
2017 Shannon's Sydney Classic, held at Sydney Motor Sport Park, Eastern Creek on the 13 August. The NSW Bolwell Club presented a display of 7 Bolwell Nagari's and 4 Bolwell Mark 7's as well as an assortment of other cars
Duration: 2.32
The beginning of my car building and the first time Bolwell hit the track at Mallala
Duration: 2.31
NSW Bolwell AGM held on Sunday 30 August 2009 at Curry Reserve, Camden Valley Way. Cars on display include two Bolwell Mark 4's, four Bolwell Nagari's and a GT40?
Duration: 2.14
Here is a quick view of some Bolwell cars in the car park of one of the Bolwell factories. This was a special club meeting that included a preview of the new Mark 11 Bolwell ~ Nagari 500. Bolwell Club members came from WA, SA, NSW, Tasmania and of course plenty of locals. In this video you will see 7 Nagari, 2 Nagari convertibles, 1 Nagari 300, 3 Mark 7s and 1 Mark 7 convertible.
Duration: 2.12
Bolwell Car Club of NSW BCCA NSW 76 Inkerman Road Balaclava NSW 2575
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