Videos: Company History

1. Bolwell is an Australian company that originally produced sports cars between 1962 and 1979. 2. A new company of the same name began production of new cars in 2009 after several years of concept and show cars. 3. Models.
Duration: 4.11
The Bolwell heritage in pioneering Sportscar design and production.
Duration: 5.35
The Bolwell heritage in automotive design and manufacture.
Duration: 2.52
Glenn Everitt's Man and Machine features Muscle Cars and Classics of all makes and models with an element of iconic machines to add to the mix. This is the TV show Australian car enthusiasts have all been waiting for. Episode 3 of Series 4 features the Bolwell Cars Story.
Duration: 26.54
A short history of Bolwell, from the early cars to large scale OEM manufacture for the heavy transport industry - as told by founder, Campbell Bolwell.
Duration: 3.08
The 50 year old company behind the Bolwell RV caravans - showcasing some of its amazing achievements of the past 50 years including the Nagari sportscar, Kenworth and Iveco truck bodies and high end infrastructure projects.
Duration: 10.00 start at 6.45
Bolwell Car Club of NSW BCCA NSW 76 Inkerman Road Balaclava NSW 2575
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