Mark 7

1965 Bolwell MK VII
This Bolwell Mark VII is one of just 400 ever built, making it a particularly rare and valuable Australian fastback coupe. It is known for its striking good looks and exhilarating performance.

Wilby Sprint 2017 - session 5
Last lap was fastest of day (36.1s) for the Bolwell mk7. New Dunlop Direzza Z2 tyres from Stuckeys and properly secured Watts linkage made all the difference.

Fibreglass Fanatics at MM
On the 26th of June Mean Machines hosted the start of the Inaugural Fibreclassics run for 2016.

Bolwell MK VII
These Australian kit cars were produced from 1965-1971. They offered the sleek sports car look with performance to match. Well known for hill climbing and circuit racing. So why don't you take a break and have a kit kar this weekend!

Bolwell Spinout at Phillip Island Grand Prix Ciruit

2nd start of Mazda RX8 engine in Bolwell mk7
So yesterday I found that I had 'assumed' the crank angle sensor wiring colours. Now that is fixed the engine now starting and running ok. Still on the standard base map supplied with the Microtech LT10 so it running rich but hey, I'm gapping its running!

RX8 engine first start in 10 years
Take one trying to get the engine started for the first time.

Bolwell @ Shannons Sydney Classic 2014

Mallala 6 hour

2010 Leyburn sprints
Bolwell Mark 7 off the line Saturday 0.12

Fly Little Bolwell Fly
Moggy's Bolwell Mark 7 and pictures of what it could have been if i finished it! The grey pictures are my mark 7!!!! The blue one is owned by someone else. So dont complain for me to take it down because i wont!!!! I am just showing what the transition of mine would have taken!!!!! 3.53

1968 Bolwell Mark 7
Short clip of a 1968 Bolwell Mark 7 These cars were produced, in Melbourne, by the Bolwell Company between 1967 and 1972. 0.37

Myrniong 2007 (Ian Ransom's Mark 7 V8 at 5.43)
All the action from Myrniong Sprints 2007 7.07

Myrniong Historic Sprint meeting 2007 (Ian Ransom's Mark7 V8 at 2.01)
Historic and Classic hillclimb 2.40

Top Gear Australia - Bolwell Mk7 by Darren Varney
This one of the cars reviewed for application for Top Gear Australia. I hope you like it. 3:13

Bolwell Storage
I need somewhere to store my Bolwell 0:32

Bolwell Car Club of NSW BCCA NSW 76 Inkerman Road Balaclava NSW 2575
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