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Rob Luck
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The President of BCCA-NSW is charged with the umbrella management of the Club, maintaining its status and membership and projecting a positive image of the organisation in the Club marketplace. Our current President is currently engaged in 'Next Generation' re-design of the Club's Assets, Website, Newsletter, and the full digitising of the Club's 'Back Office'.

Secretary & Membership Manager
KC Steelman
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KC is the Quiet Achiever of BBCA NSW - the Back Office Manager who keeps the cogs of Membership, Management and Meetings firmly meshed and turning smoothly over. The endless communications and documents that are required for Club Operations pass across KC's efficient desk, ensuring Members can not only enjoy the benefits of Club Membership, but do it with safety and security.

Manager - Conditional Registration
John Barnett
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Our Conditional Registration Manager co-ordinates the authorisation of vehicles enrolling under the low-cost Historic Vehicles Register operated by the Council of Motor Clubs (CMC) in conjunction with the RMS.

Our Manager has more than 40 years experience in the Club and decades of Experience with the specialised registration system.

CMC Manager
Tony Pengilly
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Tony Pengilly is the motive force that connects RMS, CMC and Conditional Vehicle Registration for BCCA NSW Members and their precious classic sportscars. Working closely with the Conditional Registration manager John Barnett, Tony Pengilly is the Club Ambassador who handles the diplomatic negotiations with the Council of Motor Clubs and Roads and Maritime Services to ensure Club members can keep their wheels rolling on ultra-low-cost Historic Plates.

Events Manager
Geoffrey Peter Smith
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Geoff brings a wealth of experience in Event Management to this vital division of the Club's Executive management - organising a convivial social environment for Club Members.

Geoff was a former Events Manager for the Healey Club and also has a famous Nagari B8/26 which he recently acquired and is working to update to top end specifications.

Geoff can also be contacted at or 0458 777 339

Patron - OAM
Campbell Bolwell
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The Patron of our Club is none other than the original Founder of Australia's most distinguished sportscar brand - a feat he achieved more than 55 years ago in his twenties. It was NSW enthusiasts who put Bolwell on the map when the Mk7 propelled the Brand into the public domain - and nationwide fame. And Campbell has never forgotten - maintaining a close contact with the NSW Club and many individual members, including our President. These days Campbell is overseeing the construction of his latest masterpiece... the Mk11 Nagari 500... at the same time working to help us promote the Bolwell Car Club of NSW. Far beyond his prodigious talent, Campbell remains humble, grounded and deeply connected with his enthusiast base.

Campbell was recently honoured as an OAM inthe 2022 Australia Day Awards for his role in co-engineering the Bolwell SportsCar marque with brother Graeme.

Records Curator
Colin Watson
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Col has invested decades in the Bolwell brand, including ownership of classic models from Mk4 to Mk8 (Nagari) and extensive restoration, road and race experience. His massive knowledege of the marque across the country has enabled him to amass an enviable library of memorabilia, records, articles, photos and technical data. Today Col is focused on curating an accessible collection of material that can be utilised by Members and Management for every Club application from restoration to marketing.

Website Manager & Slipstream Editor
Rob Luck
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After our long-serving web/slipstream manager Graham Nichols recently retired, our Club President stepped into this dual marketing role to lead the Club through the launch of its 'Next Generation' image as a modern, digitally-competent and Member-focused Club. Rob combines his deep Marketing experience as former Editor and Publisher of Australia's greatest motoring titles with a 55-year connection with Bolwell through journalism, product development, Bolwell ownership and restoration and consulting. Rob is re-imagining the website through our new service provider, Club Specialist mycco, re-launching Slipstream and adding Social Media platforms.

Curator - Vehicle Records
Mark Cleaves
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Mark is a veteran collector of classic cars, especially Bolwells and has owned most of the major Marks. Mark's in-depth knowledge is a shared asset that has helped to guide many members through difficult restoration projects. Today Mark continues to work on building the most comprehensive Register of Bolwell Vehicles and their current and past owners and histories in Australia.

Acting Treasurer
John Barnett
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The Treasurer manages the Finances of the Club including supervising receipts and payments, preparing Annual Reports, filing documentation required under the Rules of the Incorporated Associations and applying due diligence to all the financial activities of the Club

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